Virtualisation technologies have been maturing for a long time but it is only in the last couple of years that the technology has become a efficient, scalable solution for many IT applications and for any size of business.

What is Virtualisation?

Like Cloud Computing, there are many interpretations of virtualisation; it can be used to provide a wide-range of solutions for an organisation. The key concept of virtualisation is that it moves operating systems and applications from running on a hardware platform to a software platform allowing a single physical server to host multiple virtual machines.


There are a number of deployment scenarios where virtualisation can provide an alternative solution to traditional IT methodology. The following are the main deployment solutions afforded by virtualisation technologies, click on the link to view further details on the solution capabilities:

Server Consolidation

Virtualisation allows a number of physical servers to be consolidated onto a single server, thus reducing an organisation’s spend on hardware provision. An organisation can also use virtualisation to create their own private cloud environment.

Virtual Desktop

Virtualisation allows the provision of a high-end virtual desktop to a low cost physical client PC. Cost savings can be achieved by the central management and deployment of applications, the lower cost of end-point computers and a reduced support and administrative overhead.

Private Cloud

Virtualisation technologies allow the deployment of high availability server hosting solutions to provide an organisation with their own private cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Virtualisation allows an organisation to replicate their live environment at the recovery site but consolidates the physical servers onto virtual platforms reducing the on-site hardware requirement.

Legacy Computing

Virtualisation allows the migration of hardware platforms to the virtual environment minimising the effort required in prolonging life-expired hardware platforms running core applications.

IT Development Aid

Virtualisation allows the creation of virtual networks and environments so developers can test how their application will scale across a network and IT managers can plan and test system migrations in secure isolation.

How can help are partners with the three main virtualisation technology houses, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, and have an established track record in deploying virtualisation solutions to meet an organisation’s particular requirements. Please use the feedback form, or call us, to find out how virtualisation can bring benefits to your business.