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In recent times, Remote working has undergone explosive growth in performance and productivity. The proliferation of laptops, netbooks, smart phones and tablets coupled with evolving cellular and WiFi networks have only added to the sometimes confusing array of options available to those needing to be part of a connected world – and that’s before anyone mentions the Cloud. In addition the flexible working legislation requires employers to consider applications for flexible working from employees whom meet certain criteria; further information is available here. can advise on connectivity options and provide cost effective, tailored solutions. From a simple mobile Email provision to a comprehensive, secure, web based application delivery platform, can keep you in touch with your mobile workforce and maintain the involvement and productivity of staff working from home whilst also meeting statutory employer requirements to accommodate flexible working.

How can help

Some of the solutions offered.

ADSL / SDSL broadband (Copper and Fibre based), wireless broadband (where available), leased lines, MAN’s and WAN’s ( MPLS, VPLS etc. ) including network traffic optimization (Citrix & Riverbed technologies)

Mobile connectivity:
3/4G “dongle” and MiFi devices and their suitability.

Corporate Email to smart phones, tablets, laptops and home PC
Office 365 hosted email

Network extension:
VPN connectivity to corporate network for Email and simple document exchange
IP Telephony extensions to your corporate phone system.

Encrypted laptops (Bitlocker, Safeboot and Sophos SafeGuard) mean the hard disks cannot be read in the event of theft.
VPN and SSL encrypted connections linked with 2 factor authentication such as RSA SecureID tokens.

File sharing:
Web based file sharing / access from anywhere solutions (Office 365, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.)
Web based document creation and sharing (Office 365, Google Docs etc.)

Web server:
Web server for internally hosted web services including back end database servers.

Application Delivery:
Terminal server / Citrix server application delivery platforms (Microsoft Remote Desktop server and XenApp Fundamentals / XenApp server. VPN or SSL secure connection.

The number of available remote working options are many, but if you contact, we will discuss and refine your requirements and provide an effective, scalable remote working solution.