Useful Links

IT.allyUseful Links

Listed below by category are links to external websites which you may find useful.

Please note that is not responsible for the content of these external sites and some sites may require registration and a paid subscription for full access. This list is updated regularly, please use the contact us link at the top of page to report any broken links or recommend a link for inclusion on this page.

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Technical support and reference.

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Tools and Utilities

Useful tools and utilities to provide information on your infrastructure.

  • Speed Test – Checks the speed and performance of your ADSL and leased line.
  • What is my IP address? – Reports on the external IP address your ADSL or leased line is using.
  • Geek Tools – Provides information on DNS records.  Also try DNS Stuff for DNS-related tools.
  • Lookup Server – Handy site for checking email DNS records.
  • MX toolbox – Blacklist checking tool. Checks your email server’s IP address against list of blacklisted servers; other tools are available on the main site.