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The use of email has grown exponentially over the last 10 years to the point where it is now one of the main business communication tools. In line with this growth of email usage there has been an even greater increase in storage requirements, system management, email retention policies, compliance requirements and the performance of the physical hardware required to run these systems.

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In many recent, well publicised, court cases email evidence, or the lack thereof, has been used as the basis for legal proceedings. It is now critical for a business to be able to centrally control and retain email data within the workplace.

In addition to the headache of having to manage email data and the system there is the additional continuing issue of Outlook .pst (Personal Folder Storage) files which, when unmanaged, can be the cause of lost continuity. These simple files can often cause serious business and support problems. Common problems are; file corruption, files being lost of deleted and incomplete archives for roaming users.

An email archiving solution, either on-premise or cloud-hosted, can assist any business struggling with these issues by removing and safeguarding historical email from overburdened email servers therefore freeing up valuable resources. Removed emails are replaced with a stub referencing the archived email. Additional functionality such as the use of Journaling can assist with compliance issues relating to retention by taking a copy of all email inbound and outbound and immediately placing it within the archive where policies can be used to control access to and use of this data.

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