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Our Services
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About Us

IT ally Limited are a provider of specialist IT Support and Consultancy services

Our IT Support and Consultancy staff are highly experienced and have over 50 years combined experience working with small to medium sized businesses within the Finance, Insurance, Business Networking and Oil industries operating both within the UK and Internationally.

We provide a flexible approach to the provision of IT Support and Consultancy services

Our support packages being completely flexible in order to provide busineses with precisely the support they need.  Our IT Support packages can provide the services of a full IT department or can operate alongside existing IT staff providing additional resource for planned project work or cover during staff absence.  We operate a dedicated helpdesk guaranteeing our clients the certainty of receiving the assistance needed in a timely manner.

Our Consultancy services

Act either alongside our IT support offerings or independantly to provide infrastructure solutions around Microsoft, Citrix, VMWare, Symantec and Sophos products.

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ParkHouse Bell

I have real confidence in their expert knowledge and ability to get the job done, and when we were in the process of planning our extension to additional offices in the UK they provided us with advice and assistance throughout the process.  They always respond quickly and efficiently providing us with a calm efficient  service, even when faced with ‘user error’!

Helen McAnally

State Securities plc

IT ally have provided us with a complete IT support and management service as well as completing a number of projects which arise from year to year. State Securities PLC are owned by a private banking group therefore the security, infrastructure and security standards we are required to meet are of a very high standard. has ensured that we consistently meet these standards.

James Sampson

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always here to help

Would you like to speak to one of our advisers over the phone? Just submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.

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