IT INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES can help with the planning, installation, configuration, updating/refreshing, support and, if required, disposal of your IT infrastructure; this includes on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure and services.

How can help

Planning have many years experience in planning new IT infrastructures for small to medium enterprises, ensuring that the investment meets capacity and performance requirements in line with the allocated budget. Effective pre-planning maximises your return on investment and minimises the risk of any unforeseen circumstances affecting your infrastructure.

Supply are vendor-neutral and will advise and supply IT equipment, systems and applications that meet your current and projected requirements.

Installation can install your new infrastructure, whether it is at your business premises or remote datacentre, and ensure that it integrates with your existing systems and network.


We can complete the configuration of new systems, or re-configure existing infrastructure, to meet your requirements.


IT infrastructure needs regular updating/refreshing to maintain your physical systems’ performance and take advantage of new and emerging technologies, processes while reducing the risk of loss of productivity through component failure.


Once your new hardware, or software application, is installed we would recommend that adequate support provision is made, using the manufacturer’s support offering,’s support services or a combination of both. We are happy to give you impartial advice on the best method to ensure your infrastructure investment is well supported to maximise its use and availability.

Disposal can ensure that your redundant IT kit is removed from your premises and disposed of according to the current W.E.E.E. directives