You can earn a reward by referring

Our client base has been built mainly on the back of referrals – the best form of advertising – but obviously we are always after new opportunities.  Our referral reward scheme provides an opportunity for you, or your company, to earn a reward for a referral that leads to billable consultancy work or a new support contract.  You can use the feedback form to submit your referral or contact us by phone on 01483 375600; please see the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  1. If you refer us to a company you are a direct employee or Board member of, we cannot make a cash referral payment to you personally.  This also applies for any referral where you are an employee of a company we already have an active supplier relationship with.  In these cases we will offer consultancy to your organisation to the value of the referral reward, or a donation to a charity of your choice.  You must check your company’s probity rules.  You will be required to sign an anti-bribery declaration to confirm the above.
  2. This must be a direct referral with written introduction of us to the client and/or consultant, where we do not have a pre-existing relationship.  We will formally confirm your eligibility for a referral fee in writing.  Only one fee will be paid in respect of a new order or contract – in the event that more than one person makes a referral, only the first to have done so will receive confirmation of eligibility
  3. ‘Cash’ referrals will be paid in the form of High Street shopping vouchers.
  4. Disbursement of any referral reward will only be made on completion of any consultancy work, or the commencement of a support contract, by Limited, to a referrer in possession of formal eligibility confirmation.  The referral fee will only apply to the first order or contract entered into by the new client.
  5. We will not disclose to you the specific details of any order or contract agreed with a client – we will only inform you of the referral reward achieved.
  6. Referral rewards will be calculated at 5% of any invoiced consultancy work resulting from the referral or 2.5% of any signed annual support package subject to the maximum reward in clause 7.
  7. Referral rewards are limited to £500 for a cash reward for a personal reference and one day’s consultancy (current value £600) or a £500 donation to a charity for referrals where a cash reward is not eligible – see clause 1.
  8. reserve the right to amend the terms or withdraw the scheme at any time.
  9. This referral scheme is effective from July 2017 – referrals made earlier are not eligible.